Common Myths About Tucson Ac Repair

This is the air conditioning unit all eighty let’s see what you got gas fired furnace for heating right here you’ve got the returned comes back from the building right here comes up through the furnace is a blower that’s going to push it through the first to be heated but the air can also come across this box right here for cooling there’s a cooling coil here the air goes up into this box at the top called a plenum and right here are the supply ducts that go.

out to all the individual registers that’s how it’s supposed to work what’s going on with yours well during the summertime I turn it on and the system runs for about an hour okay and then it stops working so I come down here to check it out yeah and I notice that this is all frozen up okay that’s actually starting to form ice right now so that’s.

on the line sets that Tucson ac repair go to outside and I imagine on the coil – all right so what do you do anything I actually turn on the heat for about five minutes you turn on the heat to get air-conditioner what happens in well it melts the coil inside of here but the problem with that is like a water all over my basement floor and when you get another hour cooling and then you’re freezing again yep all right so any time I hear about this condition a frozen coil first and foremost.

I think about a lack of air flow through the unit so here’s a return air and on anybody’s furnace or AC unit there’s got to be some sort of filter like this so this is a return air filter and this thing is relatively simple but it’s got to be clean now that doesn’t perfectly clean but it’s not terrible you change.

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