This Story Behind Domestic Violence Attorney Tucson Will Haunt You Forever!

I would represent the victims is you have victims that come in and decide most of these cases get started by a victim signing a piece of paper with the magistrate and they come in later and want to dismiss or drop the charges and so unfortunately some of the allegations are not completely true and they’re done to get back at the defendant so as defense attorney.

Is my job to try to sift through and see what the truth is in each one of these cases I guess it just takes years of experience to try to ascertain a real claim versus someone that is just trying to get leverage handsome type of lover’s quarrel yeah it’s it’s very difficult because a lot of these cases you have two people and want to say an event happened and noon is there to witness it so you toucan try these cases simply with two witnesses the victim and the defendant and it’s all it’s a hard position.

For municipal judge to try to determine which one’s telling the truth sometimes yeah we have two good domestic our city judges at this point trying to handle all these cases plus all the other city cases but how do they it has to be difficult for them to decide who’s telling the truth very difficult for them and sometimes it’s pretty clear you can tell from the attitudes tucson domestic violence lawyer of the parties and sometimes it’s pretty clear but other times it is very difficult to determine who’s telling the truth and who’s not and thirty.

days when I do not their jobs that’s for sure well-being we’re going to talk a little bit more about the domestic violence in Montgomery and the laws the new laws that were enacted to help combat thievery serious problem stay with us we’ll be back right after this there shortly the Beasley Allen law firm helping those who need it most since well we recognize that our clients come to us because something tragic has.

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