How To Get People To Like Mover

school into the classrooms and we would replaces single chair with our chair and then said nothing we told the press are told no press nothing and then the next day everybody wakes up they see these chair sand there was a huge buzz on campus like where the hell did these chairs come from got a call from the Michigan daily we were the front page the next day and within days actually.

of campus had signed up for our website it’s really cool all from folding chairs and in fact those chairs are like still around today I’ve seen them like and this is why redid chairs because it’s what’s the one thing that a college student has enough not enough of his chairs so that’s how campus Hearst got started unfortunately we’re known more for our marketing stunt than we are for the actual company.

To months in you know we had a ton of activity but ultimately you settle in you’re busy you have your own friends people aren’t as interested in meeting their neighbors so the social model didn’t really work so we ultimately shut that company down but as sophomores you know huge learning in terms of like getting something built in the summer and getting your fellow students to use it so a million good deeds so as junior the app store had just come up apps were just starting to become thing I was got together with a friend.

of mine who was an engineer another friend of mine was a designer I’m like hey you know we should have a crack at this like let’s stay the summer let’s just see what we can do and we had no idea what that company would do started brainstorming and came across an idea which was to take the movie pay it forward have you guys seen that movie for the most part so we we loved the viral effect that you saw in that movie and we’re like how can we translate that into a mobile application and what.

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